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Oh it’s hot…

It’s been a hot day here in CO.  I find myself constantly surrounded by beverages, although that goes for most of the year.  Although it’s been hot lately, last month was one of the wettest months here on record, something like 236% above average!  I kind of like to think that we’re nearly half way through the month….far fetched thinking I know, but I suppose you can understand my logic if you’ve read my previous post.

I know it doesn’t bear repeating, but I probably won’t be talking about food nearly as much as I used to for a while…I’ve discovered that my BF inspires me to cook and bake and without him, I don’t feel passionate about it.  I have however baked once or twice since I’ve been back in the States.  Today for instance, I baked Banana Oatmeal Cookies and they were delicious!  Kind of like a little piece of banana bread in cookie form…Mmmm…..Yeah, I know it was something like 97 degrees outside today, but I felt like baking despite the hot temperatures.  I apparently also feel inspired during the hotter months to make afghans!   Ha.  I’m nearly done with crocheting my blanket–I’m just finishing up those hanging threads and giving it the finishing touches.  I’ll be so happy with my handiwork when it’s all finished.  I know it’ll definitely be an heirloom one day.

Not much else going on while I wait to hear more news about my job, which will hopefully be starting soon!  I hope to know more this week….fingers crossed!  Until then, it gives me an excuse to enjoy what time I have in the kitchen and devoted to my blanket!  I’ll be sure to post a picture of my blanket when it’s all done!  I’ve also found that I enjoy watching all the Harry Potter movies lately too….and reading the Twilight series too!  I certainly never run out of things I’d like to do while not working, that’s for sure!  I’ve always got a stack of stuff from the library like magazines and books/Cd’s to look at in addition to all the books I have already that I’d like to get around to reading.  I find I read mostly at night, which thankfully hasn’t been playing itself out in my dreams or anything.

Can I also say on a different note, how much I miss England and of course my boyfriend?  I miss them both..I miss all of my English TV programming, my little pieces of nature, my little way of life there, getting to see my boyfriend each and every day, getting to spend so much blissful time in the kitchen, going to the market, even grocery store shopping, which I hate doing here in the States…..I miss watching funny episodes of ‘Top Gear’ or ‘The Apprentice’ when it was getting good…and giving me a reason to look forward to Wednesdays after work….getting to see the ocean is another thing I miss, ok, technically it isn’t an ‘ocean’ per say, since it’s a channel, but you know what I mean.  I miss my favorite pine tree filled neighborhood near the beach.  Ahh..I just miss so much of it–all of those millions of little things that made up my daily life….I can picture it all now…it was all so different to my life now here.  It’s as if my time in England was truly another life time and I can only hope that I always remember every last bit of it.  Of course, I’m dying to go back for long visits… savor it all over again.

Well I’m happy to report that I have been in the kitchen lately…see pics below for the goodness both foodie and non-foodie!


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Cookin’ and Lookin’

Well I’ve been baking and cooking a lot this past week and I’m finally getting around to blogging about it.

I’ve been also doing a lot of work in the crafting world—crocheting, learning how to make granny squares, sewing and various other crafting activities.  Today I took the bus to the nearby town (not the village) and bought some amazing fabric at Fabric World.  I couldn’t believe how busy it was in there today!  You’d think that everyone with the recession or ‘credit crunch’ has resorted to making their own clothes or something it was that busy.  I also got some fabric to make a blanket—well I can’t really sew (of which I hope to learn how to do this week, the basics anyways), in which I’m going to sew on some crochet pieces.  Due to the fact that I can’t sew yet, I resorted to buying some fleece material, that way the blanket would still be warm, and I could customize it with my handiwork.  When it comes to crafting, I usually have several projects or bits and bobs (odds and ends) going on at once, which is just typical of how my mind works.  

So here’s some pics of what I’ve been up to in the kitchen lately, which has been a lot:

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Apple Cake and Other Stuff

Hello All.  

I thought I’d post some foodie pictures that I’ve taken lately along with a crafty one–so think of this post as a sort of hodge podge of miscellaneousness as my posts will be from time to time.

This is a Jewish Apple Cake I made recently.  Incredibly, it has 3-4 apples in it, and boy is it delicious!  Delicious being an understatement.  If you want the recipe, just post a comment stating so, and I’ll send it to you. *Cue drool*  


Apple Cake

Delicious Apple Cake o’ Goodness…It’s worth the effort every time.  Those of you who have tried it, you know who you are!  If I could have the knife skills of Jamie Oliver who can chop through 10 apples in two seconds while talking at the same time, than I’d have this cake done in no time flat.  Sadly, my chopping skills are a bit rudimentary, so it takes me quite a while.  But once the apples are prepared, than the rest of it is super easy!  


Our various mustard collection–American style, English, and Polish…yeah, I love mustard.  If I could, I’ve have a French one up there too. 


Yes, you read right, ketchup flavored Cheetos!  My BF and I bought these at the local Polish store of all places…they tasted kind of like a Cheeto inspiration…but not quite doing the job but worth a try.  


Scones with jam and clotted cream are the reason I live!  Nothing better with a cup of tea.  And incidentally, the reason that I came over to this country.  Just kidding.  This was however some of the best clotted cream I’ve ever had–it was from the New Forest and man oh man was it delicious!  Then again, with clotted cream you can’t really go wrong now can you?  What’s not to love about butter’s creamy English cousin that is in a class all its own?


Sound the angels! I’ve complete my first crochet hat!  It took a couple of smaller attempts before I was able to figure out how to do it correctly.  Thanks to Threadbanger: How to crochet a hat .  If you scroll down on the Threadbanger page, you’ll find some written instructions which I found very useful.  I made it during a long afternoon.  It’s quicker than making a scarf, which usually takes me quite a while.  And now, the finished product!  Ta da!  


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