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Some winners and some pictures

As I’ve been in the kitchen quite a lot recently, I thought I’d pass along some recipes that have turned out as delicious success stories as well as some pics I’ve taken lately while out and about with my camera phone.

Ok, first some Vegan Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Cookies.  These took a bit of time to put together, but nothing too difficult by any means and the results were yummy.  Thanks to MAC & CHEESE, I got the recipe here

Here’s my picture of the finished product:

Tower of cookies

Tower of cookies

My next recent success comes from the gang at Martha Stewart.  I bought the Everyday Food: Great Food Fast cookbook (you can buy/look at the cookbook here) atleast a year ago and have only recently started using recipes from it.  I made their Tortilla and Black Bean Pie, and since I’m not a fan of black beans, I substituted pinto beans instead.  I also used an ale as my beer choice.  You can find the recipe on page 236 of the cookbook or online here

My BF loved this dish and I thought it was both original and economical. We will certainly be making this again as we both loved the flavors of it too!


Dinner last night

Dinner last night


For the side dish, we made Spanish Rice and an excellent recipe for it can be found at Simply Recipes, an excellent food blog/website that I’ve been using for quite some time now.  Elise’s Spanish Rice recipe is again not only economical in this day and age, but also very delicious!  I’ll never go back to using pre-made packages of it when it’s so much better and healthier for me to just make it myself.  You can find the recipe here. Add some sour cream and salsa on the side, and you’ve got yourself an excellent meal that’ll easily feed 4 adults for very little money.  

And now, some more foodie photos taken with my camera phone:


And since I can’t seem to get rid of the tortilla pie or vegan cookies pictures in this section, you get to see them again!  I’m still new to blogging, so bear with me–think of it as doubling your photographic viewing pleasure. Ha ha.


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Spring has sprung! Atleast for now.

It’s been a fabulously spring and sunshine filled weekend here in Britain.  I think I’ve nearly got a sunburn coming on! Gasp!  I’ve been sitting outside in the gloriously overdue sunshine this whole weekend.  My BF’s sister and her BF came down for the weekend to celebrate my BF’s dad’s birthday.  We had a deliciously traditional South African braai (BBQ) for dinner last night.  Man oh man was it delicious!  I worked my little bum off in the kitchen helping BF’s mom get everything ready for the big meal.  We had Boerewors (South African sausage), marinated steak (must get the recipe for delicious marinade), chicken kebabs, green salad with avocado, homemade corn biscuits (I made them–my little piece of the US–thanks Bisquick! Ha), grilled asparagus, and twice baked potatoes.  Whew a whole spread of good and delicious food!  I honestly feel as if I’ve put on 10 pounds just this weekend!  

This morning we had a scottle braai breakfast—we cooked our entire breakfast on the braai (BBQ).  It was so good!  We had bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, and even bananas all cooked on the curved scottle surface.  Mmm….it was very tasty. I also sliced up some lardy cake, which is an English specialty that I bought at the market.  I also tried lemon curd for the first time ever and boy am I in heaven!!  I’m sooo hooked!  It’s like a deliciously creamy lemon spread that you have on toast or scones.  

So after all of this food eating yummyness, I have been spending the day as I said lounging in the sun and reading the Sunday Times newspaper.  The weather this upcoming week is supposed to be rainy and colder……..blech.  Rainy weather doesn’t inspire me to take walks…..it makes me want to stay under the duvet and drink tea.  Anyways, on with my foodie and nature photos from a lovely weekend of food and sunshine.  I snapped some pics with my BF’s Canon 350D.  It blows my Sony Cybershot away!  As always, to make the photo larger, just click on it.  Enjoy!

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